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Arkansas Economic Development Institute

Arkansas Economic Development Institute (AEDI) AEDI is one of the few university-based economic development institutes in the United States that offers neutral and credible research, and technical assistance whose sole focus is to support and enhance its state’s economic development activities. AEDI offers assistance in data and analysis; economic forecasting and impact, and, community economic development assistance. AEDI offers this assistance by effectively addressing the areas of…Public Information, Business Intelligence, Regional Assessment, Community Capacity.

AEDI has long been active in the design, delivery, and coordination of training on topics ranging from leadership and economic development to data and GIS mapping. AEDI professional staff offers expertise in demography, economic impact analysis, geographic information systems, urban and regional planning, business analysis, surveying, critical decision making, professional economic development education and training for both public and private sector leaders, labor education training, strategic planning, web services, community economic development, workforce development, and regional governance/development/strategies. 

Southwest Arkansas Planning and Development District
Southwest Arkansas Planning & Development District (SWAPDD) a non-profit organization serving 12 counties and 65 municipalities, provides administrative support for project planning, grant writing, and grant administration for community, economic, and workforce development initiatives in the southwest region of Arkansas. We strive to understand the needs of our local communities so we may be better prepared to provide the assistance our region needs to prosper while sustaining a strong, resilient workforce and local economy. Our mission is to enrich the communities of our region through access to resources, partnerships, and information.

Ark-Tex Council of Governments
The Ark-Tex Council of Governments (ATCOG) is a voluntary association of local governments established under State law for the purpose of promoting intergovernmental cooperation and strengthening local units of government within Bowie, Cass, Delta, Franklin, Hopkins, Lamar, Morris, Red River and Titus Counties, Texas and Miller County, Arkansas. The primary goal of ATCOG is to improve the quality of life for all citizens of the region on behalf of regional governmental organizations by providing a perspective on information and problem solving and by coordinating funding, resources, programs and services.

Coordinating Development Corporation – Louisiana
The Coordinating and Development Corporation (CDC), originally chartered in 1954, is a private, nonprofit, member-supported corporation that serves the economic, community, workforce, transportation, and business development needs of ten parishes in Northwest Louisiana.  As facilitators, our mission is to provide comprehensive development assistance to its membership and the private sector through a full range of services that help maintain public services and expand economic opportunities throughout the Region. CDC is governed by an Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Stakeholders represent communication, government, academia, finance, business, civic and other interests. CDC employs a professional staff with extensive experience in a variety of development and technical fields.

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service develop science-based educational programs to help Oklahomans solve local issues and concerns, promote leadership and manage resources wisely. Programs focus on increasing opportunities for agricultural enterprises, natural resources and environmental management, food, nutrition, health and safety education, and youth, family and community development.