The Program

The Red River Leadership Institute presents high impact custom leadership programs by renowned presenters. Fulfill your potential as a leader through effective leadership skills training. APPLY TODAY!

David Warm – Regionalism 101

We make the most progress when we work strategically and effectively together in a strong collaborative capacity to plan, to act and to invest as a region.

George Manning – The Art of Leadership

By understanding leadership and it’s challenges, and developing the skills required for effective leadership you will become (1) more effective at work, (2) gain knowledge and skills, and (3) have the ability to lead others when the opportunity occurs.

Understanding Power

The core of leadership is the influence over others. The successful leader masters the use of power to influence the behavior of others.

Leadership Principles and Team Concepts

Leadership is an ongoing journey of discovery and certain principles have optimum positive influence on followers. The most effective leaders work with a team who has a clear, motivating purpose.

Performance Management

Create a high performance team through personal example, goal setting, positive reinforcement, addressing deficiencies, benchmarking success, and performance improvement.

Leadership Ethics

Ethics is the most important subject in the study and practice of leadership. Leaders are judged not only in terms of decisiveness and efficiency, but more importantly on the basis of values and moral reasoning.

Art of Persuasion/Managing Conflict

The successful leader must master the elements of the art of persuasion, including (1) an understanding of people, (2) the effective use of words, and (3) the ability to manage conflict. Research says leaders can spend more than 25% of their time dealing with conflict. The effective leader knows that what is needed is creative conflict, not destructive conflict.

George Manning – The Road Ahead and Change

It is no longer just the “boss” who leads. Organizations are shifting to encourage leadership in all levels of an organization to reflect a changing society. Learn to apply the techniques you have learned throughout this course as you consider your own work and life and the occasions you may have to provide leadership to others.